Fractal Define Nano S ITX Case Review

Fractal Define Nano S Review


As always when reviewing a case we take it totally apart.  As the Nano S is predominantly metal though, there’s really only the plastic front and top covers to remove.  Starting at the top then you can see the ModuVent system in all it’s glory.  We’re sorry to keep harping on about this, but had they just called it a removable top panel we’d have been fine with it, it is, after all a good feature.  it’s just the whole snazzy “ModuVent thing we’re having trouble getting behind.  It’s kinda like saying a jam jar has a “Modulid” system, just because the lid comes on and off.  What removing sound deadened top panel does do though is enable us to see the plentiful fan and radiator mounting slots that are present in the mesh roof panel.

Fractal Define Nano S Review     Fractal Define Nano S Review  


The base of the case also benefits from having a large mesh area and, as this may well be used as an intake, Fractal have fitted a full length dust filter which is easily removed via the front of the case without having to remove anything else first.

Fractal Define Nano S Review     Fractal Define Nano S Review  


The same cannot be said of the front filter though, as to get at this you first need to pull the front of the case off.  Having done that the filter itself is easy to remove for cleaning and is robust enough to withstand a going over with a vacuum cleaner.

Fractal Define Nano S Review     Fractal Define Nano S Review