Fractal Define Nano S ITX Case Review

Fractal Define Nano S Review

Cooling Options

With a maximum CPU cooler height of 160mm, the Nano S takes our NZXT Havik 120 cooler no problem at all, even if we can’t orientate it the way we’d like to, this hover isn’t the fault of the case, but rather the layout of the board we’re using here.

Fractal Define Nano S Review     Fractal Define Nano S Review  


If your board has the 24pin socket on it’s top edge your going to encounter the same problem as us in that the space required to turn the cable around is greater than the offset allowed by the rad and fan mounting slots.  If you’ve got a motherboard that has the 24 pin socket elsewhere, and have nothing on the motherboard that projects over 35mm then in theory at least you can mount 240mm or 280mm rads up here.  We say in theory, because although fractal quote compatibility up in the roof, for us there are just too many variables to wholeheartedly support their claim.  Yes it can be done, by my god are you going to have to be careful with your hardware selection.  For example, you might be having thoughts of coupling this case with a roof rad and the excellent Asus maximus VI impact board.  if you are, forget it as there’s just not enough room for the daughter board.  There’s only a few measly millimeters in it, and you might think this a bit of an oversight by Fractal, but apparently it was in fact a conscious decision.  Why in the name of holy Jebus would you make a conscious decision to design a case to be just 2mm too small for a leading motherboard to be coupled with a roof rad???

Fractal Define Nano S Review     Fractal Define Nano S Review  


You can at least get decent sized 240mm or 280mm rads in the front of the case, with plenty of room for a push pull set up if you want, and with the mounts supplied for pumps and reservoirs you shouldn’t be needing to reach for the drill and the Dremel.  Just remember that the thicker you make your rads and fans, the less room you have for your GPU.

Fractal Define Nano S Review     Fractal Define Nano S Review