Lian Li TYR PC-X2000 Chassis

Packaging & Contents
When I took delivery of the chassis, the first word that sprung to mind was large! The box stands very tall when compared with others, and it is quite eye catching due to this. The front of the box features the chassis in all it’s glory with pictures of the main features to the side. On the box sides, the chassis interiors are pictured with more information in text underneath. All in all, the external packaging is very descriptive, and uses real images of the chassis. I was eagerly anticipating viewing the contents after reading all the hype on the box. 

X2000 Box Front X2000 Side of box


The box comes with two pre-cut carrying handles, which is…..handy. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. The chassis is wedged between two foam inserts and wrapped in a plastic bag. Everything fitted snugly and there were no loose items within the box. Removing the chassis from the external packaging took some effort, due to the size of the box. 

On removing the chassis from the box, I found that the cardboard carton containing the screws etc was placed inside of the chassis and secured with a tie wrap to stop it bouncing around within the chassis. 


Contents carton removed Contents secured


Closer inspection of the contents within the little box revealed a plethora of screws, bolts and assorted items. I have included a list of the accessories below: 

* A buzzer with motherboard header.
* 16x Motherboard stand-offs, 30x screws and a screw driver

* 7x PCI card holders with thumb screws
* 2x Clamps for cable management
* 26x HDD, 6x PSU & 8x CD fixing screws
* 6x Spare thumb screws
* 1x Mounting bracket for SSI CEB/EEB
* 2x Long SATA cables, 6x Normal SATA cables
* A plastic box for keeping spare screws etc.
* 6x SATA Drive Rails

Screws & Fittings SATA Cables 
SATA Drive Rails SATA Drive rail detail
On the whole, the chassis and extras were well packaged and secured safely in the box. The printed information on the exterior of the box is concise and highlights the major selling points. There was also an instruction pamphlet, with clear and legible text and images, and some promotional materials in the box.
Let’s now take a closer look at the chassis, starting with the externals on the next page.