Lian Li TYR PC-X2000 Chassis

Final Conclusion

The X2000 is certainly a beast of a case. It commands attention and oozes simplistic style. When I look at the X2000, it reminds me of an Italian supercar, with it’s sleek lines and the attention to small details that Lian Li have made. Having said that though, just like an Italian supercar, not everything is perfect.

The Gripes

When I was building the rig up for testing, I found that the options for cable management were very limited within the case. I also found the cables they used for the I/O panel on the top of the case to be quite ugly – a much better alternative would have been for Lian Li to use black or braided cable, so it would be more in keeping with the overall styling of the case. Whilst this is a fairly minor niggle, I was more concerned with the available options with the cable management.

I like to spend time getting all cables organised and tidy…not only does it look better but it improves airflow through the case. Although Lian Li provided a couple of tie wraps and clips, there just wasn’t anywhere where you could route most of the cables out of view, except for the SATA data and power cables, as they can be very easily hidden behind the SATA cages. Whilst you can get a tidy finish, you cannot avoid most cables being bunched up in view. I do feel however that I could have achieved a tidier finish than I did if I had more time to devote to the task.


X2000 Cables X2000 Rear with system built

One other thing worth mentioning is the placement of the I/O panel and power/reset switches. As they are located on the top of the case, you are limited to where you can place the case and under the desk is certainly not an option. I am sure Lian Li could have placed the panel and switches on either case side, which would have still left a clean look on the front panel.

The Good

Now let’s talk about why I fell in love with this case! As mentioned previously, the styling is nothing short of superb. The build quality is also of the Lian Li usual standard, which is outstanding. When building the system, I was impressed with just how easy it was. The hard drive cages work brilliantly and save alot of hassle. The removable motherboard tray makes fitting the motherboard a piece of cake, and the PSU fitting was equally as simple. Even though the cable management options are limited, Lian Li have provided the relevant cut-outs and placed a rigid plastic grommet on these holes to save your fingers from cuts and scrapes.

Lian Li provided four 140mm and two 80mm fans as their cooling solution, and they are quite effective at keeping temperatures down. There was a noticeable difference in temperatures when using the different fan speed selections, with CPU temperatures varying as much as six degrees celsius from low to high speed settings. The fan controller is a welcome addition, but as with the top I/O panel and switches, Lian Li could have placed it better on the case. The massive dust filter works very well and is also a welcome addition. Within a couple of days usage, there was a visible layer of dust on the filter’s nylon mesh so I know it works well. There should be space available to include an internal watercooling loop within the X2000 and if I had more time I would have investigated this further.

All in all, I feel that the minor niggles are far outweighed by the good points with this case. Lian Li have succeeded in making an attractive case with some really great features. Although the style, price and size of this case means that not everyone will appreciate it, you simply cannot dispute the quality which shines through. If you are looking for a case which is something out of the ordinary, want excellent quality and you don’t mind paying a premium for this, then the X2000 is a very worthy consideration.  The recommended retail price for the  the X2000 is £305.

The Good

+ Excellent build quality

+ Hot swappable hard drive bays

+ Attention to detail and finish

+ Stylish design

+ Easy to build PC inside

+ Good airflow with supplied fans

+ Dust filter

+ Weight

+ Anodised internally and externally

The Mediocre

* Cable Routing

* I/O & Switch placement

* Price limits the appeal

The Bad

– Internal cables don’t tie in with overall style

– Fan controller placement


OC3D Recommended AwardOC3D Innovation Award 


Our thanks to A One Distribution and Lian Li for providing us with this case for review.


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