Lian Li TYR PC-X2000 Chassis

Interior Impressions

Let’s start at the front and work our way around the case. Underneath the front panel are three 140mm fans and the fan controller. Access under the panel is easily achieved by pulling the panel away from the chassis. It’s worth noting that it does come away quite easily, and those with young children may want to take note of this. To gain access to the fan controller, which is a simple three way switch, you need to remove the front panel and then slide out the massive dust cover. The dust cover is a plastic frame with nylon mesh acting as the filter.  I do think Lian Li could have chosen better placement for the controller and made it more easily accessible as you will have to remove both the front panel and the dust cover to gain access.


X2000 Front with filter fitted X2000 with filter removed

X2000 Front Fan Dust Cover X2000 140mm Front Fans Close Up


Moving onto the sides, the side panels are made of one single piece of Aluminium, and they have are fixed in place using a sliding locking mechanism, which is fastened using a single thumbscrew. The panels have foam stuck on the interior face, and this is intended to aid noise dampening.


X2000 Side Panel Inner X2000 Side Panel Locking Mechanism


From the left interior view we can see the compartmentalised design of the X2000. There are three main compartments, with separate areas for the PSU & optical drives, motherboard & add-on cards, and then the hard drives. 


X2000 Internal View 1 X2000 Compartmentalised design


Then if we move around to the right side of the case, we can see the removable motherboard tray, and once again the optical/ floppy drive bays. The motherboard tray is secured by three screws along the top of the tray and two thumb screws on the rear outer face. Removal is painless and simple, and is a welcome addition.


X2000 Right side View X2000 Mobo Tray RemovedX2000 Removable Motherboard Tray X2000 Mobo tray Fixing Positions

Let’s head over the page to have a look at the X2000’s internals.