Lian Li V1010 Aluminium PC Case

Packaging & Up Close

A luxurious case certainly wouldn’t be great if it arrived bent or scratched. Lian-Li have taken care with packaging in the past, so we were confident of its safe arrival.

Lian-Li v1010 Box Lian-Li v1010 box Damage

Although the box came a bit battered, it didn’t look like it would affect the case inside. The box also looks quite nice, with a big image of the case on the front and a list of features down the right hand side.

v1010 internal packaging v1010 bag packaging

As you can see, Lian-Li have followed the trend of many other manufacturers by wedging the case in-between two foam pieces and placing it inside a plastic bag. This ensures a bit of ‘air space’ on either side of the case to absorb shocks and the plastic bag stops scratches and other irritating marks.
v1010 front v1010 side
 v1010 drive bays v1010 back

As you can see, the v1010 is a very clean and professional looking case. The front uses a lot of meshed panelling to encourage airflow, and the side features no window whatsoever. Round the back we have the PSU mount at the bottom and a 120mm fan up top. On the bottom we have 2 sets of wheels for moving the case around. A little lever at the back enables you to lock them for when the case is stationary.

v1010 power button v1010 fan controller
v1010 water holesv1010 front panel ports

The main external features of the v1010 are shown above. The power and reset buttons are both of extremely high quality and are very nice to use. Then on the back of the case we have a small switch, which is a fan controller for the pre-installed fans. Then we have 2 holes up top; these plugs can be unscrewed to allow water cooling tubes to be passed through. Finally we have the front panel ports (which are actually up top) that hide behind a nice little flap.