Lian Li V1010 Aluminium PC Case


The internal of the v1010 are very nicely laid out, with quite a few genuinely useful features. All of these should help to make installation a lot easier and pain free…

v1010 Internals v1010 HDD caddies
v1010 Cable Management v1010 mobo tray

As you can see, the v1010 has a sensible layout. The hard disks are stored down on the bottom along with the PSU and everything else is kept up top. The central pillar gives extra support for expansion cards whilst also providing a nice ‘alley’ for channeling wires up. The motherboard tray is removable, which will aid installation significantly. As you can see, Lian-Li have taken the liberty to cut cable holes in the tray, which should give a very neat final set up.

Installation in the v1010 was an absolute joy. Not only is it very simple, but it is incredibly easy to build a nice looking pc.

v1010 installation v1010 HDD installation

First of all we prepped all the hardware outside of the case. We installed the motherboard on the tray with CPU and cooler attached, whilst also adding the grommets to our hard disk.

v1010 installation v1010 installation

With that done, we put all the gear into the case. We slotted in our PSU, a Silver Power model. There is a gap under the PSU, which seemed perfect for shoving all the unneeded leads under. The rest snake under the motherboard tray and through to the motherboard.
v1010 installed
Finally add all the PCI cards, and you end up with something that looks like a fully functioning PC. As we didnt have any particularly long graphics cards to test, we weren’t able to test out the central stabilisation bar. As you can see, it is incredibly neat. There are only a few cables visible, and this should definitely help airflow.