Lian Li V1010 Aluminium PC Case


If you base a buying decision purely on cooling, then this case probably isn’t for you. However, if you are the sort of person that doesn’t mind paying a little bit more for quality and ease of use, then this case should certainly be on your short list. Installation inside the v1010 was a breeze, and all the included extras certainly go the extra mile.

Available for £125.24 inc Vat from Yoyotech you are paying that bit more. However, it’s not horrendous, and there are far more expensive cases out there. At the end of the day, we loved having a play with the v1010, but understand it may not be to everyone’s taste. It is fairly understated and plain looking, but offers a uniqueness no others do.

The Good:
+ High quality construction
+ Lots of innovative features
+ All metal construction
+ Included bundle is very satisfying

The Mediocre:

* Price is a bit high, but it isn’t outrageous for a case of this quality

The Bad:
– Zilch

Our thanks to A One Distribution and Lian Li for providing us with this case for review.
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