AMD Ryzen 3970X Threadripper Review with 4000MHz DRAM

AMD Ryzen 3970X Threadripper Review


In this festive time it’s tempting to consider what you could do with your life is funds were plenty and you didn’t need to go into work. As more and more of us use our systems to edit that video of our cat being silly, or even create content for Youtube, or Twitch, or just want to know that we can edit our photographs at the fastest possible speed, then a beefier processor springs readily to mind.

What if, instead of compromising and getting a decent processor, you went all in? What if you got a massive Christmas bonus and suddenly had £1800 to spend on a CPU? How does 32 cores of 4.3 GHz power grab you? With the latest entry into the hugely successful AMD Ryzen Threadripper line-up all that power can be yours with the TR 3970X.

We’ve already seen what the 24 core Threadripper 3960X can bring to the table, but we know that for some of you a mere 48 threads just doesn’t cut it. How about 64 Threads? How about 64 threads but in a package that doesn’t require you to give up on any gaming performance or fast memory like the Xeon’s used to, but instead allows you to run your system in the same way that you’d run a regular quad core offering, just with an extra 28 cores waiting to be unleashed when the need arose? Tempting huh.

So grab a glass of nog, a plate of mince pies, and put on your lucky reindeer ears, as it’s time to see what kind of jaw-dropping scores the Ryzen Threadripper 3970X can bring to the party. Those of you easily deflated by your own system’s performance, look away now.

Technical Specifications

The 3970X has a lot in common with the 3960X, only seeing increases in the CCD configuration, up from 6 core CCD to 8 core ones, and this ups the core and thread count from 24/48 to 32/64. The cache has seen a small bump from 140MB to 144MB, whilst the base clock has been knocked back a hair from 3.8 GHz to 3.7 GHz. Although the boost clock remains the same and, as we’ll see on the next page, it still overclocks like a champ.

AMD Ryzen 3970X Threadripper Review