Asus vs Gigabyte Intel H67 Review

Asus vs Gigabyte Intel H67 Shoot Out

CPU Performance

SiSoftware Sandra (the System ANalyser, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant) is an information & diagnostic utility capable of benchmarking the performance of individual components inside a PC.

CPU Arithmetic

The CPU arithmetic test ascertains the processor’s capabilities in terms of numerical operations. Two subtests named Dhrystone and Whetstone are carried out respectively. This is not a measure of latency and thus higher is better.

To start off with, the trusty CPU Arithmetic benchmark returns identical results thanks to its low error margin.

Memory Performance

SiSoft Sandra offers both memory bandwidth and latency based benchmarks. It is quite possible that architectural tweaks will have made a significant impact in terms of both throughput and latency. 

Our first observation are the utterly fantastic memory bandwidth results. While similarly specified RAM would achieve ~13GB/sec in this test, the new 1155 architecture is breaking 18GB/sec out of the box. 

Aside minor differences, memory latency is the same across both H67 boards.

Cache Bandwidth

Without doubt, onboard cpu cache bandwidth is very fast indeed, but will our Core i5 2300 processor perform any differently between the two motherboards?

Yet again, the two systems are evenly matched. The results as a whole are very much in line with our expectations.