Asus vs Gigabyte Intel H67 Review

Asus vs Gigabyte Intel H67 Shoot Out


This is where we started to test the Core i5 2300’s Integrated GPU. By default the GPU operates at 850MHz (1100MHz) turbo, which we were able to adjust to 1700MHz. The module is not supposed to be a Crysis Warhead killer however we are hoping to show that it will cater for general media (high definition) and light gaming.

Flash HD –

Watching Flash based High Definition video is often more tasking on a system than you’d be led to believe. Let’s see how our test setup performs here.

As shown with utilisation of ~25%, this processor and iGPU pairing has no trouble playing 1080p video without any stutters.

3DMark Vantage

3DMark Vantage is Futuremarks flagship gaming oriented benchmark at present and is considered to be a demanding one at that. Our tests were carried out under the “Performance” prefix.

Interestingly the Gigabyte did not have a brilliant 3DMark run at default frequencies. It did however spring back to life once overclocked, matching the Asus score.

The results themselves are suitably promising with GPU scores that suggest similar performance to the Radeon HD 5450 and GeForce 9500GT. For most users, this is a more than ample amount of GPU grunt.

Resident Evil 5

RE5 is the latest 3rd party shooter of the collection, released in 2009. With the graphical settings dropped to modest levels, perhaps the Intel HD graphics will survive.


As expected, DirectX 10 causes a performance hit over DX9 mode, however in both cases the Intel HD Graphics module was quite playable with a larger distribution of frame rates sitting around the 30-35fps mark. For a setup that is not designed for modern games, this is a very reasonable result.

Medal of Honour

We wonder if Medal of Honour stood a chance of coping…

We weren’t so lucky with MoH as minimum framerates plummeted mercilessly close to single figures. While both platforms performed identically, it certainly does not serve as a suitable configuration for this game.

Let’s wrap this one up.