Asus vs Gigabyte Intel H67 Review

Asus vs Gigabyte Intel H67 Shoot Out

AIDA Extreme Edition

Returning to its roots by re-estabilishing the AIDA name, the latest iteration of the popular benchmark suite now includes optimisations over previous editions. With this in mind, remember not to compare these results against those conducted with older Everest software. 


CPU Queen

CPU Queen is based on branch prediction and the misprediction penalties that are involved.

This particular test shows an evenly matched scenario.

CPU Photoworxx

PhotoWorxx as the name may suggest tests processors by means of invoking functions that are common to Photo Manipulation including Fill, Flip, Crop, Rotate, Difference and Colour to B&W conversion. 

Photoworxx however identified a sizeable difference in performance between the two configurations. That said, this test suffers from a larger than normal error margin.


This is an integer based benchmark that will test the CPU and Memory by means of the CPU ZLib compression library. 

Normally is returned briefly showing both Asus and Gigabyte H67s on par.


AES is a widely used data encryption standard. Many iterations of the Intel Core processor family now include instruction sets specifically for this form of cryptography, resulting in very impressive figures.

The performance lead returns to Asus in the AES test.

Next up, Image rendering and more system wide benchmarks.