Gigabyte EX58-UD4P X58 Motherboard

PCMark Vantage is the latest benchmarking suite from Futuremark. Differing significantly from their 3DMark suites, PCMark performs a series of benchmarks designed to recreate and benchmark scenarios of a PC being used for everyday tasks. Vantage has a Vista only requirement as it actually relies on several different components from the OS in order to run correctly.


Results Analysis

While the Gigabyte hardly blew the competition away it did manage to come out on top in 5 of the 6 tests in PCMark Vantage, a feat not managed by any other board previously tested at OC3D. Interestingly, Vantage puts the Gigabyte top of the pile in the gaming result which goes to show you should never fully trust synthetic benchmarks as in real world test the Gigabyte was mediocre. However, as the results above show, the Gigabyte board is a solid performer in all the tests we ran today.

Let’s head over to the conclusion where I attempt to put today’s testing into perspective…