MSI MPG Z790 Carbon Max WiFi Review

Introduction and Technical Specifications

MSI Z790 Carbon Max WiFi Review


The MSI MPG Z790 Carbon Max WiFi is the latest in a long line of Carbon monikered motherboards from the people at MicroStar International. If you’ve been keeping up with our reviews of the Z790 refresh motherboards then it’s the third MSI one we’re reviewing. Following the Ace Max and Tomahawk Max. Clearly the “Max” nomenclature is designed to indicate these are Z790s that support the new Intel 14th Generation CPUs out of the box. We have to say this clarity is emphatically something we’re onboard with. There are few things worse than buying what you thought was new, and instead getting the previous generation.

Previously the Carbon motherboards from MSI have been particularly aimed at the affordable end of the spectrum. The newest Max edition rather goes for a upper-mid sector of the market. A glance at the specifications below is testament to this. Not merely with the amount of M.2 sockets, nor the inclusion of WiFi 7, but look at the number of USB ports. Later on we’ll show you another trick the Z790 Carbon Max WiFi has up its sleeve. Firstly though you can cast your eye across the specifications below and then, secondly, join us on the next page for a look at the newest addition to the MSI Carbon range, the Max, in the flesh.

Technical Specifications

Z790 Carbon Max Specifications

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