ASUS ProArt PA279CV Review

Introduction and Technical Specifications

ProArt PA279CV Review


The ASUS ProArt range has expanded tremendously in recent years. Originally found as a sub-brand on their displays, the amount of creators has lead to an expansion of their creator-based hardware. We’ve seen many motherboards as part of the ASUS ProArt range, such as the recently reviewed ASUS ProArt Z690 Creator. That commitment to providing excellent hardware for people who provide excellent content also expanded into different approaches to very familiar hardware. You might remember the ASUS X Noctua RTX 3080, comfortably the quietest air-cooled graphics card we have yet heard.

Clearly, then, ASUS are committed to providing creators with all the tools necessary to maximise their productivity. Today’s review sees them return to the mainstay of their ProArt range of hardware in the form of the ASUS ProArt PA279CV IPS monitor.

With a 4K panel in a 27″ frame, it certainly has the kind of PPI that helps you finesse the fine details. 0.155mm pixel pitch is splendid. Additionally the ProArt PA279CV supports HDR10, so if you want to create media with the full dynamic range, this should have you covered. Of course monitors are rarely as simple as specifications on a page, but we’ve always reviewed them in the way that you would if you brought them. It’s one thing to pore over DCI-P3 triangles or look at pixel shift under extreme conditions. We are far more interested in how it looks to the naked eye. Firstly we’ll see it in the flesh, and then tell you how it is in use.

Technical Specifications

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