Cooler Master GM2711S 180Hz 1440P Monitor Review

Introduction and Technical Specifications

Cooler Master GM2711S Review


Any time you’re looking to invest in new display the amount of choices can be baffling. There are monitors available which seem to have the same specification yet wildly differ on price. Similarly there are displays from companies of which we’ve never heard. Hardly the type of investment that gives you confidence should anything go wrong.

What we really need, then, is a monitor from a company you can trust, at a price that is reasonable, but with a feature set worthy of your wallet.

Enter Cooler Master. Today they are releasing two new monitors to market. The high end GP2711 that we’re also reviewing today is one. The second is this model, the Cooler Master GM2711S. A 1440P IPS screen boasting 180Hz refresh rate, HDR400 support and adaptive sync. As it is designed for both gaming and productivity tasks, the inclusion of an exclusive Anti Reflection Technology (A.R.T) is perfect for ensuring you can use the GM2711S without needing to find a specific dark corner in which to place it. Naturally we’ll test that out shortly.

One of the things we like best, besides the attractive pricing, is the stand which has full adjustability. Often more affordable monitors have terrible stands, but the Cooler Masters GM2711S has a stand which has a full range of adjustment built in. With an MSRP of just £264.99, aggressive when compared to the price point of other high speed 1440P IPS panels, let’s see how it fairs in use.

Technical Specifications

Cooler Master GM2711S Specifications

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