Gigabyte RTX 4070 Ti Super Aero Review

Up Close

Gigabyte RTX 4070 Ti Super Aero Review

Up Close

We love the simplicity of the Gigabyte Super Aero packaging. Swathes of white with a very cool font choice. If you’ve played X-COM 2 a lot then the font will be very familiar, especially the Greek Sigma used here as an E.

Gigabyte Super Aero Box

With a white and silver design to the cooler, the Aero beautifully fits in with the rest of the Gigabyte white hardware. It’s nice that it isn’t a sub-brand limited to one type of hardware but instead covers a multitude of options. We love a harmonious look to our rigs. Triple 9-bladed fans (not two or five or seven but Nine!) will give you plenty of airflow across those gorgeous copper heatpipes.

Gigabyte Super Aero Cooler

The backplate is definitely silver. As this is the part of the card you’ll see the most, assuming a regular horizontal install, it should reflect and diffuse your case lighting nicely.

Gigabyte Super Aero Backplate

The pass-through vent that pushes air to the top of your case is something we’ve enjoyed ever since it first appeared. The benefits to your temperatures cannot be denied. It’s nice to see the Gigabyte Super Aero going with such a large hole.

Through port

Although we’d always recommend running your card flat out, we know some people will sacrifice a little at the top end for cooler, and thus quieter, living. Like many Gigabyte products the Super Aero has a Dual BIOS, letting you pick peak performance or quietness.

Gigabyte Super Aero Dual BIOS

There might come a day when we aren’t entranced by the sight of shiny copper heatpipes bristling out from a high fin-density heatsink. But that day is not today. Glorious.

Power connector

At the business end of the Gigabyte Aero we have three DisplayPort 1.4s and an HDMI 2.0. We also like how the shroud abuts the IO plate. It helps ensure the hot air is pushed out the back, rather than back into your case.

Gigabyte Super Aero Outputs

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