HIS HD7970 Crossfire & Eyefinity Review

HIS HD7970 Crossfire Review


One area that the Radeon cards have always been excellent on is their Crossfire scaling performance. Many has been the time we’ve looked at an otherwise average card and discovered that a pair of them yields a much higher-than-anticipated level of performance.

Given that we know the HD7970 is a total beast of a thing we really couldn’t wait to have a go at Crossfire cards. HIS Digital were on hand as always to let us have a pair of cards for testing, and so here we are.

With £800 of graphics cards and a high-end test setup, will the HD7970 Crossfire take us to new heights?

Read on Macduff.


Like PowerColor, HIS Digital seems to be going for an interstellar theme with the current round of packaging. Not a bad visual cue considering the galactic performance available to us.

HIS HD7970 Crossfire Review     HIS HD7970 Crossfire Review