HIS HD7970 Crossfire & Eyefinity Review

HIS HD7970 Crossfire Review

3D Mark Vantage

Ooh boy what a score. 51000 P-Score just from a couple of the HD7970s. That’s 7000 more than a GTX580 SLI setup, which until now is pretty much the weapon of choice for big scores. Even more impressively is that with the Extreme setting enabled the HD7970CF still manages 6000 more than the GTX580SLI. Nothing else comes close. Although we seem to be hitting the limits of either power draw or heat with the overclock.

3D Mark 11

Considering the HD7970 CF setup is well under half the price of a MARS 2 SLI rig, it’s amazing how close the scores get. Even the GTX580SLI is bludgeoned to death by the might of the AMD offering.