HIS HD7970 Crossfire & Eyefinity Review

HIS HD7970 Crossfire Review

Test Setup

Our new LGA2011 bench rig gets its third outing of the day, and the combination of the black and red cards on the black and red Rampage IV certainly looks the part.

2x HIS Digital HD7970
Catalyst HD7970 Drivers 11.12
Intel Core i7-3960X @ 4GHz
ASUS Rampage IV Extreme
Corsair AX1200
Corsair GTX8
Corsair H100
3x iiyama Prolite 24″
Windows 7 Ultimate x64


With Crossfire and Eyefinity on test we have two areas in which our overclock can be forced to be reduced, and so it proves. Rather than the high overclock we saw on the single PowerColor, our Crossfire setup tops out at 1050MHz. Still a good increase, but certainly nothing like the cards are capable of.

PowerColor HD7970 Eyefinity Review