HIS vs EVGA Midrange Gaming Face Off Review

Midrange Gaming Shootout

Medal of Honor

If Capcom can be considered the Kings of a good PC Port, and Ubisoft have just proven with HAWX 2 that they are also capable of delivering the goods, then EA need to be taken round the back and put out of our misery.

Red Alert 3 was frame-capped to 30 FPS for reasons best known to themselves, and now the latest Medal of Honor game is limited to 64 FPS. Quite why they’ve chosen this seemingly arbitrary number, or decided to limit it at all, is a factor best known to themselves.

Anyway, although normally we’ll talk you through each graph and explain the results, it’s clearly pointless here. So enjoy the sole appearance of Medal of Honor in the OC3D test suite and remember to vote with your wallet as a PC gamer.

Single GPU – Stock Speeds


Single GPU – Overclocked


Dual GPU – Stock


Dual GPU – Overclocked