MSI MD272 Business Monitor Review

MSI MD272 Business Monitor Review


Like so many elements of a purchasing decision, it’s very easy to get distracted by the shiny rather than concentrating on what you actually need and can afford. If you’re ever looking for system build ideas you don’t have to go very far before you come across people who either spend every penny of their not inconsiderable wealth on a spangly setup, or who have a lot of it gifted to them because they’re an ‘influencer’.

When you have a realistic budget that you must adhere to, the world of 4K gaming, or indeed 4K productivity, is beyond the means of most of us. Why have a 4K panel and a GTX 1060? Or why have a massive screen if the only games you can afford are 1080 or 720 Indy titles? The MSI MD272 perfectly encapsulates the “exactly what you need” mindset by coming with a 27 inch, 1080P @ 75Hz IPS panel. You get the size that stops you peering intently to try and read text, but at a resolution most games and graphics cards can easily handle, without having a massive refresh rate speed that you feel you’re not making full use of.

The MSI MD272 has every input type you can want, assuming your GPU isn’t so old that DVI-D is your main output, has decent enough speakers and, primarily has a great quality picture. Those might seem obvious things, but there is no point on spending your limited funds only to be let down by a washed out, ghosted image. The colours are punchy, contrast is good and there are lots of things that help ease your eye strain should you be the type who wants to spend hours in front of your display.

We can’t believe that here, in 2023, we still live in a world where a £1000 display can come with a stand that feels like it’s made from chocolate box plastic with all the adjustability of a newly botoxed face. Thank goodness for MSI, who supply the MD272 with a stand that moves in every possible way you could desire, ensuring perfect ergonomics with the minimum of fuss. It’s spectacular. Very solid, no wobble, and looks sleek rather than a chunky bit of plastic.

If you’re getting on the PC bandwagon and need a great value first display, or if you’ve started to feel the need for a little more desktop real-estate and want to invest in a second display that doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of your primary monitor, the MSI MD272 ticks every box. Good image quality, rock solid IPS image and a stand that is the envy of its peers, it’s the perfect choice for those for whom a OLED 38″ UltraWide is beyond their means and system horsepower.

MSI MD272 Business Monitor Review  

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