Nvidia RTX 2060 Review

nVidia RTX 2060 Review

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV perfectly shows off the benefits to be found from the DLSS available on the latest Nvidia cards thanks to their Tensor Cores. Image quality and performance are both boosted, a very rare combination indeed.

For equalities sake so that we can compare the RTX 2060 with other cards we’ve tested we’ve sorted the graph by the TAA result rather than the DLSS one. Also because the RTX 2060 is clearly the lowest performing of the RTX cards we’ve reviewed so showing it at the bottom wouldn’t really tell us much. What this does demonstrate is that with DLSS enabled on an RTX card you’re getting much higher performance and quality than you would get from a GTX 1080 with full antialiasing. The Tensor cores are powerful things.

nVidia RTX 2060 ReviewnVidia RTX 2060 Review