Nvidia GTX980 Maxwell Review

nVidia GTX980 Maxwell Review

Power Draw

So why are we so impressed by the GTX980 when it’s roughly the same as a GTX780Ti? 150W less power draw at the wall. That’s frankly incredible.

To put that into perspective, if only a million GTX780Ti owners changed to a GTX980, we’d save 150 Million Watts in power. Which is one and a half times the output of SHAMS 1, the largest Solar Power plant in on Earth. 

Identical performance, but the GTX780Ti requires 40% more power.

nVidia GTX980 Maxwell Review


With the nVidia GPU Boost 2.0 doing all it can to maximise performance against a thermal threshold it’s no surprise that the GTX980 hits the standard nVidia 80°C.

nVidia GTX980 Maxwell Review