Nvidia GTX980 Maxwell Review

nVidia GTX980 Maxwell Review

Test Setup

nVidia GTX980
Intel Core i7-4960X @ 4.4GHz
ASUS Rampage IV Extreme
Corsair Dominator Platinum 2133
Corsair AX1500i
Corsair Neutron GTX
Corsair H100i
Windows 7 x64 


As if the ‘standard’ clock speeds weren’t high enough already, the nVidia GTX980 has plenty left in reserve if you’re willing to sacrifice a little noise on the cooler by increasing your fan speeds. Anything around the 100MHz Core overclock mark is a good result so you can colour us staggered by the 200MHz improvement the GTX980 was capable of. It’s not only a GPU overclock either, as the already speedy GDDR5 happily accepted a 200MHz overclock too. 

We can’t wait to discover what is possible with some partner non-reference coolers.

nVidia GTX980 Maxwell Review