PowerColor HD6990 Crossfire Review

PowerColor HD6990 Crossfire Review

3D Mark Vantage

It’s not often we come across a situation in which our 4GHz i7-950 becomes the limiting factor in our testing but with the lack of PhysX on the Radeon chip, and the bias towards PhysX capable GPUs in Vantage, our poor i7 is having to run 4 PhysX threads as well as pump the data to the cards.

There definitely is phenomenal power available in this Quadfire setup. Nearly 32000 X Marks? Insanity.


3D Mark 11

Thankfully for us 3D Mark 11 has no such qualms about cards without PhysX capabilities and the score reflects that. Relative to a single card we’re just past 300% efficiency which is highly impressive. We’re starting to see thermal issues in the overclock though as the score is actually lower than that of stock.