PowerColor HD6990 Crossfire Review

PowerColor HD6990 Crossfire Review

Far Cry 2

Ignoring the overclock result for a moment we can see how scaling is greatly affected by the quality of the underlying game engine. The Dunia engine is one that your humble scribe has long felt didn’t get the use it deserved and at least it takes advantage of the four GPUs we have available with our PowerColor setup today.


Metro 2033

Is there no end to the talents of the 4A Development team and their 4A Engine? As badly as it performs with a single GPU at the helm, it just eats extra hardware for breakfast, making 100% use of it, then sits there like the omnom from Cut the Rope just waiting for the next bit.

If the HD6990 was impressive, two are stunning. Sure it’s a grands worth of kit, but to run out of eye-candy settings on Metro 2033 and still be well into triple digit frame-rates is almost worthy of a round of applause.