PowerColor HD6990 Crossfire Review

PowerColor HD6990 Crossfire Review


If GPUs came with a sub-title I think the PowerColor’s would be “Redefining Boundaries”. 200FPS maximum in Unigine Heaven 2.1 is madness and yet the Crossfire HD6990s just put their shoulder to the wheel and strolled towards 400FPS.

It’s not all top end either, with 150+ average making mincemeat of an otherwise tough benchmark.


Fancy 8x AA? Does the slider go higher? We’ve only lost 17FPS going from 0 Anti-Aliasing into 8x. Remember when just adding 2x AA would render anything unplayable?

This, boys and girls, is an entirely new type of power. If a GTX580 SLI setup can be left breathless then there isn’t much we can add.