Rise of the Tomb Raider DirectX 12 Performance Review

Rise of the Tomb Raider - AMD VS Nvidia Performance Review

1080p Testing with the GTX 960 and  R9 380


One of the latest additions to the game was an all new benchmarking utility for the title, but these utilities are always representative of in-game performance. In Rise of the Tomb Raider we decided to not use the new built in benchmark for our DirectX 12 testing, but instead use the same section of gameplay that we used when the game launched earlier this year.   

With the AMD R9 380 and the Nvidia GTX 960 we see very similar results from both GPUs, offering very similar performance when using either of the two APIs.

When using DirectX 12 we can see that both the GTX 960 and the R9 380 lose performance, showing that using DirectX 12 does not necessarily mean that you will see performance gains.

Given the fact that the game was initially developed and launched with DirectX 11 it is understandable that the game does not take full advantage DirectX 12’s new features, though Nixxes’ implementation of DirectX 12 may improve in the future if they continue to patch the game.   


Rise of the Tomb Raider DirectX 12 Performance Review