ASUS ROG Sica MOBA Gaming Mouse Review

ASUS Sica Gaming Mice Review

Switch Changing

If you’ve ever had a mouse that you loved and used relentlessly then there would have eventually come a time when the microswitches wore out and you had to replace it. It’s a sad time. The Sica sidesteps this issue by allowing you to switch (ha) out the microswitches without needing to either bin the entire mouse or invest in a soldering iron. Remove the two screw covers, unscrew the revealed screws and boom, access to the innards without any cracking of plastic or hassle.

ASUS Sica Gaming Mice Review     ASUS Sica Gaming Mice Review  

The Sica comes equipped with Omron switches, easily the best on the market. There are a few variants of them on the market and if you’re extremely particular about how much force you need to actuate your buttons, or have just used the Sica so much you’ve worn it out, then it’s a two second job to replace the switches. They are dead cheap too so it’s far easier on your pocket than having to grab a new mouse.

ASUS Sica Gaming Mice Review     ASUS Sica Gaming Mice Review