Corsair K70 Core RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review

Introduction and Technical Specifications

Corsair K70 Core Review


The Corsair K70 Core RGB Mechanical keyboard is their latest variation on a product which has proven to be a mainstay of their peripheral range. Having already reviewed a great swathe of the Corsair mechanical keyboards that have been released over the years, it was only right that we review the Corsair K70 Core.

Chances are if you’ve ever been in the market for a new keyboard you’ll have come across the Corsair K70. They have many models below this one in their range, and some above. However, the combination of price, features and options means that the K70 is right in the sweet spot. Today we have the new full size Core to test. What’s new, you ask? Firstly the standard Cherry MX mechanical switches have been swapped out for Corsair’s own MLX Red switches. It’s fair to say they are a close match for the more famous Cherry MX ones, but with a couple of extra benefits we’ll tell you about later. Additionally the K70 Core boasts a new dial, replacing the old volume barrel we’re used to.

A really cool element of the build for the K70 Core is the use of two layers of dampening foam. If you’ve ever had your ears blessed by the Ducky keyboard Quack mechanics this will be something to appreciate. If not, it’s a way of dampening the inherent noise of a mechanical keyboard when compared to a scissor style. By utilising the Linear Red switches too this is potentially going to be as quiet as it’s possible to make a mechanical keyboard.

With 1000Hz report rate, full N-Key rollover and iCUE support, the K70 Core promises to take this most popular keyboard to the next level. Let’s find out how successful it is.

Technical Specifications

Corsair K70 Core Specifications

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