Corsair Sabre RGB 10K Gaming Mouse Review

Corsair Sabre RGB 10K Gaming Mouse Review


If you already own the original Corsair Sabre RGB then this newly upgraded version with the 10000 DPI sensor, greatly improved software package and better lighting is like your current mouse on steroids.

For everyone else, is the Sabre RGB 10K worthy of purchase?

In short, yes. In long.. well in long :

The first thing that grabs you is the lightness of it. There are many mice you can buy that come equipped with adjustable weight systems, and if you’re the kind of person who prefers a mouse with more inertia then the lightness of the Sabre RGB 10K will take some adjustment. For the rest of us it’s featherweight nature reduces fatigue and if, like us, you spend far longer than the recommended safe time without a break in your gaming quests then it doesn’t take long for the benefits of such an easily moveable mouse to reaped.

The design is nice and comfortable too. There is a gentle curve to the right hand side and more horizontal platform on the left than we are used to seeing, even in right-handed mice. It allows your fingers to fall in a more natural position and, in addition to the low weight, makes the Sabre RGB 10K a joy to use even in marathon sessions. Button placement is a further indication of the lengths the designers at Corsair have gone to for ergonomic ease. The profile buttons are perfectly positioned to be customised to your liking. Normally profile switching is done with tiny buttons behind the scroll wheel, hardly the best if you wish to use them as something else. Here you can use them as back/forward and remap the side buttons, or just do the profile ones, and it all fits neatly beneath your fingertips. Readily to hand and yet not in the way. A difficult balance to achieve as our testing of hundreds of mice has ascertained.

Unquestionably the sensor is what will dominate discussions though. Whether anyone truly needs a 10000 DPI sensor is somewhat beyond the remit of our review, but we think it’s a bit of a “more must equal better”. As with anything this capable though the more manageable DPI settings are as buttery smooth as you would expect from a high-end optical sensor. Similarly to playing Freecell on your Quad-GPU rig, it’s reassuring to know the performance is there if you need it. Far better to run beneath the hardware capabilities than bump into them.

Finally the software and lighting, two of the weak spots in the original, are greatly improved. The software is easy to use and has enough customisation options to keep even the most dedicated tinkerer happy. Lighting is better too with subtler shades represented better and the ability to customise the profile indicator colour is a lesson many manufacturers could learn from.

The upgraded Corsair Sabre RGB 10K is a genuine contender for a shortlist of best mice on the planet and worthy of our OC3D Gold Award.

Thanks to Corsair for supplying the Sabre RGB 10K for review. Discuss it in our OC3D Forums.