NZXT Lift 2 Mouse Review

Symm Up Close

NZXT Lift 2 Symm Review

Symm Up Close

NZXT packaging is as recognisable as any on the market. The bright white box with purple side panels and clear product imagery is matched by the crispness of their font. We might be typography nerds here at OC3D but font choice is a sorely undervalued element of design. NZXT have it nailed.


Outwardly the NZXT Lift 2 Symm looks like many other mice on the market. As the name implies it has a symmetrical body, albeit only with the buttons on the left side. The scroll wheel is heavily textured for maximum grip. It has a simplicity of design in contrast to what is going on beneath the surface.

Top down

The side of our Lift 2 Symm has a textured pattern to let you keep a firm grip on it. Given the feather weight nature of it though, we don’t think you’ll have any difficulty keeping it under control. If you dislike the trend towards bulky side buttons then the sleek design of the pair here should be right up your street.

Side buttons

There has been a general change in the market away from tightly braided cables to paracord ones. It’s something with which we are on board. Not only do you not have to spend the first six weeks of ownership trying to straighten it, but it also doesn’t get caught up on your desk detritus as easily.

Hiding a secret

If you were around when mice first went light weight you’ll remember companies hacking bits out the top of the mouse. NZXT have taken the opposite approach with the Lift 2. All the weight has been hacked out the bottom. You’ll not spill anything into it from below after all.

Peeking up its skirt

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