NZXT Lift 2 Mouse Review


NZXT Lift 2 Symm Review


There have been a few products which we’ve likened to a ghost chili on a Ritz cracker. What we mean by that is that one element so absolutely overpowers the rest that it’s impossible to overlook.

How Light!

In the case of the NZXT Lift 2, that singular focus is very much part of the design brief. It isn’t the first mouse that has a 26000 DPI sensor. It isn’t the first to commit to lightness. However, we can’t think of another mouse that has taken such a drastic approach to cutting weight without resorting to drilling holes in the top. When we saw the ‘open top’ mice – cabriolet mice? – all we could think of was liquid spillage. By cutting all the excess plastic from the underside NZXT have eliminated this fear. The right handed Ergo version weighs in at sixty grams, but the Lift 2 Symm is a mere fifty-eight grams. About as light as any we can recall. If you despair at hefty mice, or find yourself getting fatigued in marathon session it’s a perfect choice.

Highly Responsive

The singular focus on performance is also seen in the sensor and polling rate choices. The PixArt PMW3395 is the best sensor on the planet. Optical 1:1 tracking with 26000 DPI available. Accuracy will not be an issue. Or, at least, if it is an issue that’s all on your skillset. With so much focus of recent graphics cards and displays in getting low latency, the 8000Hz polling is riding the zeitgeist. Compatible with Nvidia’s Reflect technology, the 0.125ms polling ensures that you can smite your enemies the instant you see them. Lastly NZXT have equipped the Lift 2 with 100 million click lifespan optical switches. Crisp and responsive. Everything you want from your mouse buttons.

It might not have any extra buttons for customisation. It might not have any RGB lighting to show off. If, however, what you want from a mouse is a finely honed tool that lets you be the best you can be, the NZXT Lift 2 is a perfect, affordable option, and wins our OC3D Gamers Choice award. Will you opt for the Symm or the Ergo? Let us know in our forums.

NZXT Lift 2 (both Symm and Ergo) MSRP : £52.99

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