NZXT Lift 2 Mouse Review

Ergo Up Close

NZXT Lift 2 Symm Review

Ergo Up Close

If you like the Symm then the Ergo is equally as good. For variety we have the white Ergo in, so you can contrast the two.

Lift 2 Ergo White Box

If the Symm was symmetrical, then as you can see, the Ergo is ergonomic. Or at least it’s partly ergonomic. If you’ve been around long enough to remember some mice we seemed more like boomerangs, then the gentle curve here is pleasant.

Lift 2 Ergo White Side

The cable is a paracord model, with all the benefits we mentioned on the previous page. It’s good to see NZXT using a white cable too. Attention to detail.


On the right we have a light texture which works beautifully in conjunction with the light weight. You have all the control you could desire. You can almost power it by thought.

Lift 2 Ergo White

It’s nice that NZXT have given the white model a light grey rubber scroll wheel. So often we see companies just change the plastics but keep things like cables are rubber in their regular black.

Lift 2 Ergo White Top Down

Just like the Symm, the underside of the Ergo has all been cut away to minimise weight. It looks just as strange here as it does on the black one. Not necessarily bad, just so unusual. But if the results work, who are we to complain?


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