G.Skill Trident Extreme Performance F3-16000CL9 DDR3 Kit

It’s been ten years since G.Skill was born and in that time they have evolved into a leading manufacturer of memory components. While they are most commonly known for their high performance memory kits, such as the Trident kit we have review today, they are rapidly gaining a foothold in the SSD market with drives such as the Falcon we reviewed previously which to date is the fastest SSD we have had the pleasure of testing. So then, can G.Skill back this impressive feat up with a high performance product they are famed for?
I’ve sampled quite a few triple channel kits designed for use with Intel’s Core i7 CPU and none have failed to impress. Some have been mediocre, some amazing but none have been disappointing, so G.Skill had better not break that run of good fortune now! Also, with so many kits claiming extreme performance, G.Skill have some stiff competition so it remains to be seen if the G.Skill Trident kit can hold it’s own against it’s competitors.
Running at a stock speed of 2000MHz you would think that this was G.Skill’s premier product but they actually do a faster memory kit, the ‘Perfect Storm’ which runs at a stupidly high speed of 2133MHz! We will try and get a sample of that kit for review in the near future but for now we’ll investigate whether the the kit I have in my hands is just a speed binned kit or not but at 2000MHz, the G.Skill Trident triple channel kit is certainly not going to be slow out of the blocks.
Here’s what they had to say:
We are here to provide superior memory products, with satisfactory services in order to keep pace with our customers’ growing needs, and help them by adding value to their purchases. We pledge we will continue to do so and enable both sides to obtain significant competitive advantages in the market segments.
Investing in human resources is just one of the reasons why G. SKILL is able to provide such high levels of efficient and cost effective services.
G. SKILL is managed as a family, providing a dynamic, challenging and harmonious working environment for all employees. With the open-minded management, each individual with potential talent can be fully developed.
With this clear goal of providing satisfactory services for customers, our R&D department is constantly developing the fastest and best performing products; our marketing and sales departments ensure all the information needed is available and presented in a clear and understandable format.
The following specification was taken directly from the G.Skill website. 
 Product name GSkill [TRIDENT] F3-16000CL9T-3GBTD
Main Board
M/B Chipset
Intel X58
CAS Latency 9-9-9-24
Speed DDR3-2000 (PC3 16000)
Test Voltage
Error Checking None – ECC
Type 240-pin DIMM
Warranty Lifetime
Nothing too much out of the ordinary here. With a relatively slow speed of CAS9, the G.Skill will be hard pushed to be the fastest kit on test but G.Skill will dispute, this is not the fastest kit they supply while other kits have the same speed as their flagship model. Worthy of note though is G.Skill’s lifetime warranty should you run into difficulties throughout your time using the kit.
Let’s take a look at the Trident modules…