Kingston H20 6GB 2000MHz DDR3 Review

Kingston H20 DDR3 Review


Kingston have been making big waves in the Memory marketplace with their T1 line of Hyper X DIMMs, taking World Overclocking Records and becoming one of the most popular choices for the performance enthusiast.

As we all know though if you’re a performance enthusiast then you’ve probably modded your rig to a greater or lesser degree. Whether it’s something as basic as a little overclocking, maybe some lighting, or all the way up to exotic LN2 sub-zero cooling.

However by far the most popular modification for those looking to take their PC to the next level is water-cooling. From a simple CPU block to loops that cool every component, the choices available are breathtaking. The sheer colour possibilities alone can take ages to decide upon, and there is no denying that a water loop just looks more swish than a simple heat-sink and fan.

Memory is one of the least water-cooled items in even the most highly clocked rig, largely because modern memory runs so cool and is so fast ‘out of the box’ that it just doesn’t require it. If you do wish to to include your DIMMs in your loop though and don’t want to either splash out for custom blocks, or void your warranty, then today’s review of the Kingston HyperX H20 could be just want you need.

Technical Specifications

Popping over to the fulsome Kingston website we can grab the specifications for the HyperX H20. Considering how fast the air-cooled HyperX is it’s quite a surprise to see this only hit 9-10-9 @ 2000MHz 1.65v. 

Kingston H20 DDR3 Review