XPG Lancer Blade DDR5 RGB 6000mhz PC5-48000 Preview

Introduction and Technical Specifications

XPG Lancer Blade Preview


It’s fair to say that ADATA are really making a name for themselves in recent times. We’ve reviewed their M.2 drives but we think this is the first time we’ve got our hands on their XPG Memory Kits. If you follow the news here at OC3D you’ll be very familiar with their Lancer memory kits. The promise was always ever faster ones, and the model we have on hand today is their XPG Lancer Blade RGB DDR5 Kit.

Boasting 30-40-40 timings @ 6000MHz, it certainly promises to deliver on the performance front. With support for both the AMD Expo technology, and Intel’s XMP 3.0, adjusting those timings should be simplicity itself. We’ve heard plenty of talk on the grapevine about how responsive this particular kit is to overclocking too. We understand that modern DDR5 is so quick that spending a weekend overclocking your memory brings fewer rewards than before. That isn’t to say that it brings none. All of which makes this XPG Lancer Blade kit the perfect blend of ‘out of the box’ speed, with headroom for the overclockers.

Such speed is the type that we would be loath to see limited. Thankfully the XPG Lancer Blade is available in both white and black formats. Should you have an extreme aversion to RGB lighting you can even get a non-RGB version. Let’s take a look.

Technical Specifications

Blade RGB Specifications

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