Computex 2018 – The Debreif & Highlights

Computex 2018 - The Debreif & Highlights


Computex is easily one of the PC industry’s largest events, a time for every major manufacturer to duke it out in a battle royale-like scenario to see who can deliver the most impressive new product. Well… maybe not a battle royale. 

This year OC3D has been able to throw it’s hat into the ring, sending our commander and chief, TinyTomLogan, to Taipei for the first time to shake some hands, meet his peers and have a gander at everyone’s upcoming product offerings. 

Now that Tom has arrived home and his jet lag has not entirely kicked in, it’s time to have a second look at what we believe to the highlights of Computex 2018 and have a chat about what we thought about the event as a whole. 

TinyTomLogan has prepared a video to highlight his thoughts on the event while this article is intended to act as a highlight reel for what we thought were the most exciting products at the show. 

A Special Thanks to Corsair  

If you watched any of our videos from Computex, you would know that Corsair sponsored our trip to Taipei. Thanks to this help, we have been able to offer you guys videos from the show floor for the very first time, perhaps starting what will become a yearly trend for OC3D. 

We would also like to thank Pascal, our local Corsair PR representative, who was able to give TinyTomLogan a lot of useful advice during his time in Taipei, making the trip a lot easier to manage. 

Biggest Improvement of Computex – Corsair iCUE and Vengeance Pro LED memory

A lot has changed within Corsair over the past year, especially when it comes to the world of RGB lighting. Love it or har it, RGB illuminated products sell exceptionally well, offering customers unparalleled colour options and the ability to create crazy lighting setups that can react to specific inputs or even supported games like Far Cry 5. 

We must remember that Corsair’s iCUE software didn’t exist a year ago, merging their RGB keyboards, mice and other accessories with their AIO Liquid Coolers, power supplies and fan control systems to create a unified software ecosystem. 

Thanks to iCUE it is easy to offer matching lighting with Corsair’s latest products, addressing one of our annoyances when using Corsair products, turning what was a disadvantage into a major strength for the brand as a whole.

On top of this, we have Corsair’s new Vengeance RGB PRO DDR4 memory, giving users more options for RGB DRAM lighting while also offering easier software control through iCUE, delivering worthwhile RGB DRAM lighting with memory speeds of up to 4000MHz. 

Over the next few months, Corsair plans to ship faster versions of these modules with 4266MHz, 4600MHz and 4700MHz options, offering staggering amounts of memory bandwidth, though we will admit that these speeds are mostly for the hyper overclocking crowd or those who have enough money to throw the idea of price/performance out of the window.  

Computex 2018 - The Debreif & Highlights