Coolermaster iGreen Power 430w


Many of us are familiar with the Coolermaster name, mostly for their high quality range of computer cases and cooling devices. Recently, Coolermaster decided to extend their range of products by entering into the power supply market. The latest iGreen series of PSU promises to be quiet and efficient whilst still maintaining a high level of quality synonymous with the Coolermaster brand.

Today I’ll be looking at the low end 430w version of the Coolermaster iGreen to see if it’s a perfect companion for that budget PC build and has the efficiency to help save on those electricity bills.

About Coolermaster

Cooler Master Retail Product Business Unit was founded with the mission to create enjoyment to customers while they build their dream machines.

We Innovate: Innovation lies in the heart of our business model to develop better performance and quality products.
We Care: We believe that technology is to enrich, not to complicate our lives.Therefore, we integrate human interactive function, which allows customers to better understand and control their systems easily.We Design: Nowadays, product features and specifications are not the only considering factors when customers make the purchasing decisions.We develop the products to touch your heart, to catch your eyes, to characterize your personality, and mostly, to be part of your life.We Play: Cooler Master products facilitate the perfect creative environment for customers to unleash their imagination by originating their own styles while enjoying the process of being the innovator.

Since its founding in 2001, RP BU has striven to provide innovative computer components.


Coolermaster have always been hot on presentation. Looking back, every Coolermaster product I’ve ever owned has been presented in visually attractive and functional packaging – and the iGreen series of PSU is no different.

iGreen 430w Packaging iGreen 430w Packaging

iGreen 430w Packaging iGreen 430w Packaging

Contained within a single walled cardboard box complete with plastic handle, the iGreen series is clearly designed to make its way on to retailer’s shelves. Printed with a whole plethora of information on each side of the box, Coolermaster have made sure that every question a potential buyer would need to know is answered.

The front of the box displays a picture of the iGreen along with some of its best features, which include: 85% efficiency, Low noise at 17dBA and Powerful 12v rails. Around the back of the box, Coolermaster have provided some more pictures of the unit along with information on how many connectors are included.

iGreen 430w Packaging iGreen 430w Packaging

The power supply is held in place by a moulded cardboard insert and protected from marks and scratches by a plastic bag. Included in the package are the following items:

– 1x iGreen Manual
– 1x Power Cord
– 4x ATX Screws
– 1x iGreen PSU