FSP Epsilon 700w ATX PSU


Established in 1993 FSP Group is now known as one of the 10 largest power supply vendors in the world. Known by enthusiasts for manufacturing efficient, stable and quiet units, FSP have won many awards for their previous models of PSU, including the highly regarded ‘Blue Storm’.

Since then, FSP have been working on a new range of power supplies named Epsilon which promise to improve on the qualities of its predecessors.

Today I’ll be putting the top-end 700w model through its paces to see just how it compares to some of the other units on the market.


No expense has been spared when designing the packaging for the Epsilon series power supplies. Having the most flashy packaging of any PSU I’ve reviewed to date, it almost seems a shame that most of these units (especially in the UK) won’t see their way out on to retailers shelves – but will mostly likely all be sold over the internet.

FSP Epsilon Packaging FSP Epsilon Packaging

FSP Epsilon Packaging FSP Epsilon Packaging

The front and sides of the box don’t actually offer much information about the unit and instead concentrate on some flashy space-like graphics. The back of the box offers information about the unit in French and German along with information about the PSU’s rail amperage distribution. I was somewhat confused as to why FSP had not included English on the back of the packaging but then came across the hidden compartment at the front of the box.

Secured by a small piece of velcro, the front of the box has a secret flap which opens to reveal the list of features (this time in English), along with a sneak preview of the power supply contained within the box. This is a nice touch, but not something I am sure everyone will see when purchasing the unit.

FSP Epsilon 700w FSP Epsilon 700w
Included in the package are the following items:

– 1x Epsilon Manual
– 4x ATX Screws
– 1x Power Cord
– 1x Epsilon 700w PSU

The power supply its self is held in place by a cardboard frame that sandwiches the unit in the middle of the box. I was disappointed to see that FSP did not place the unit inside a plastic bag, especially when the Epsilon has a high quality painted finish which could be marked by rubbing against the cardboard.

The bundle of cables is held together by a velcro strap which is a nice touch over the normal cable tie method, and could also be re-used to tidy the cables within your case.