Metro Exodus PC Performance Review – RTX On!

Metro Exodus PC Performance Review - RTX On!

1080p Performance – GPU Benchmark Results  

Our benchmark scene comes from the Caspian section of the Metro Exodus campaign, running through a difficult area of the level (GPU-wise) as well as several more average scenes. With this in mind, our minimums should be considered amongst the worst that the early game can offer and our average should be seen as, well, an average. Most of Metro Exodus will be played at framerates that are around or exceed our average, but more demanding areas will crop up from time to time. 

At 1080p we can see all but the mightly RTX 2080 Ti move close to, or below 60FPS framerate minimums. On the low-end, we can see that both our R9 380 and GTX 960 offer horrendous performance, which is possibly due to the small 2GB frame buffers on each graphics card. Go to page 13 to see how these GPUs perform at lower settings. 

In this test, we see the GTX 1070, RX Vega 56 and GTX 1080 achieve above 60FPS averages and sub-50FPS minimums, which will be tolerable for most players. Those who want fewer dips should disable tesselation, which will deliver a noticeable performance bump with minimal visual downsides. 

Metro Exodus PC Performance Review - RTX On!