Corsair MP700 Pro 2TB Gen 5 NVMe Review

Corsair MP700 Pro Up Close

Corsair MP700 Pro Review

Corsair MP700 Pro Up Close

We’ve often mentioned how drives are never the most exciting things to photograph. The Corsair MP700 Pro has decided that the way to get us to cover it is to go for a massive heatsink. It dominates utterly.

Corsair MP700 Pro Box

Just look at how much of the interior packaging is taken up by the heatsink and .. cable? All will become clear in a moment. Certainly Corsair have ensured that even the most heavy-handed courier cannot damage your prized purchase.

Corsair MP700 Pro contents

Work is heat. Even those of you who are brand new to the idea of high performance hardware will know heat is the enemy. The higher the performance, the more heat. The more heat, the slower everything runs. Ergo, a PCI Express 5.0 drive like the MP700 Pro needs all the cooling it can get. As you can see.

Drive heatsink

And this is why we have a lengthy cable in the box that requires a spare power connector running off your power supply. This is an actively cooled drive.

Fan header

Small fans always make us shudder. We’ve been around long enough to remember when people used Delta fans just to get the cooling needed. Plus any fan of this size was usually louder than a hurricane whilst having the cooling performance of an asthmatic mouse. The Corsair, on the other hand, is a quiet fan despite its diminutive stature. You can see how chunky the heatsink is behind the fan. Probably best to ensure you’ve a good amount of space in your motherboard to fit it.

Corsair MP700 Pro Fan Corsair MP700 Pro Tall Heatsink

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