Icy Box NAS IB-NAS2000


So you’re running your own small network and you’re desperately in need of a solution that will allow you to share files with your friends/colleagues. Sharing folders on your own machine is one way around this, but it requires that you keep your PC turned on 24/7 in order for others to be able to access your share whenever needed. The common solution to this problem is to install a server, but this can be very costly – both in terms of purchasing the hardware and the cost of having the power hungry server running day and night. This is where network attached storage comes in…

Network Attached Storage (or NAS for short) is essentially a unit containing any number of hard disks controlled by a stripped down operating system (often Linux). In its most complex form, a NAS unit used by a large organisation will be a multi-terabyte RAID array racked in either a 1u, 2u or larger chassis. Of course this might be a little bit over the top for most of us, and this is where single disk NAS units such as the Icy Box IB-NAS2000 come in to play.


With external storage becoming more of the ‘norm’ recently, manufacturers often turn to their packaging design in an attempt to capture the attention of passing consumers. The Icy Box has done this nicely, using a range of bright colours on a black background along with images of the Icy Box being modelled by female silhouettes.

Icy Box NAS Packaging Icy Box NAS Packaging
The Icy Box’s specifications can be found on the side and back of the box in both German and English. Some of the more notable features include: USB2 Support, 10/100Mbit Ethernet port, Samba/NFS/FTP support and an anodised aluminium casing.
Icy Box NAS Packaging Icy Box NAS Packaging
Packaged inside a single walled cardboard box and held firmly in place with a shaped cardboard insert, the Icy Box should be able to take a fair few knocks from clumsy couriers if purchased over the Internet. Also included in the box are the following items to get you up and running:

• Icy Box manual (b/w).
• Installation CD.
• RJ45 network cable.
• USB cable.
• Power pack and mains cable.
• Hard disk mounting screws
• Icy Box enclosure.