How to build a £600 Gaming PC

£600 Gaming PC

The Aria 540 Bundle

As we’ve just mentioned, the bundle comes pre-built. Although we’re always wary of transporting motherboards with heatsinks attached to them, Aria package the 540 bundle so well that there is absolutely no danger of any stress being placed upon the mounting.

£600 Gaming PC     £600 Gaming PC  

RAM is covered by 4GB of Mushkin Silverline. This is rated at 1333MHz which is plenty quick enough for a budget system, but thanks to the excellent overclocking capabilities of Mushkin will run at 1600MHz should you desire it, although Aria supply it at 1333 MHz.

If you purely want to use this as a internet PC the benefit of the MSI Motherboard is that, as an H55 model, you have integrated graphics should you choose to use them.

£600 Gaming PC     £600 Gaming PC  

This is no cut-down board either as it comes with the excellent OC Genie button which, earlier this year, won an innovation award from us.

£600 Gaming PC     £600 Gaming PC

Now we’ve had a good go over the Aria 540 bundle that forms the foundation of our bargain gaming rig, let’s have a look at what else we’ve got. We think you’ll be surprised.