How to build a £600 Gaming PC

£600 Gaming PC

Metro 2033

Metro is the harshest game we’ve got in our bench-suite at the moment. Or at least so it’s proved so far. At minimum and maximum the performance of the Catalyst 10.11 is enough to gain the odd frame, but overall they are inseparable. A tenth of a frame apart


Medal of Honor

When we first tested the latest in the Medal of Honor series we found the console roots of it were a pain for our benchmarking purposes. However, as we’ve got a dual-core here we dusted it off and sure enough there is just enough of a difference between the two systems that whilst the i7-950 manages to keep us over the magical 60 FPS mark, the i3 can’t quite get there.


Resident Evil 5 DX10

Finally we look at Capcoms fine port of the last in the Resident Evil series. Similarly to HAWX 2 both of the systems manage to blitz 60 FPS and so any excess frames wont ever be noticed at the end-user level. However once again when you require pure power our i7 understandably comes out ahead.