How to build a £600 Gaming PC

£600 Gaming PC

3D Mark Vantage

Beautiful. We said in the intro that our testing over the years has shown the importance of a good graphics card over a bonkers CPU, and so it proves here. Basically identical GPUs performing identically enough. Sure the P-Score rocks harder on the i7 but that’s at such a low resolution the CPU has a greater effect. The moment we up the ante to something you’d actually play at the affordable gaming rig makes a mockery of its price-tag.


Unigine 0xAA

Well how about this then? Unigine definitely pays a heavy price at the minimum frame-rate level as the i3 CPU struggles to keep everything running. However thanks to the extra oomph at the top end of the CPU and the improved performance of the latest drivers, at both maximum and average frame-rates, even with 8xAA, our budget rig is a bargain.


Unigine 8xAA