PCSpecialist Quartz Spark Review

PCSpecialist Quartz Spark Review


Like a whole ghost chilli on a cracker, sometimes a company will produce a system where elements of it are out of balance with other components. Partly because certain features are headline grabbers, and they want to sell you a system regardless of how well everything compliments each element.

Thankfully with so many models in their range – and that’s before we delve in to their hugely customisable options available on every system – PCSpecialist aren’t a company like that. Instead you get a build where everything is exactly as fast as it needs to be and you’re not paying through the nose for things you don’t want. Or, worse still, getting dragged in by the marketing blurb and not realising that Core i7 and RTX 3080 system has a 500 GB HDD for the OS to keep the cost down.

The Quartz Spark is a fantastic entry point to the world of PC Gaming. The processor, the excellent Core i3-12100F, pushes north of 3GHz across its four cores which is more than enough to keep any game you’re running happy whilst also giving you enough horsepower for some light picture editing or video encoding. Similarly the RTX 3050 is all the graphics card anyone looking for a system around the £1000 mark will need or even expect. You can run almost everything without paying attention to the settings, but if you do fancy testing out the latest AAA title then only minor tweaks are needed to keep everything above that magical 60 FPS mark. You could argue that it can’t do 4K in most 3D titles, but then most good 4K gaming monitors cost more than this system so if that’s your argument then go back to Reddit.

Where the Quartz Spark scores big points is in the use of a 1TB M.2 as the OS drive. Any system will benefit from the responsiveness that a high performance drive can bring to the party, and we’ve used far too many where the moment you open Explorer you’re left twiddling your thumbs for a minute, but the benefits it can bring to a system like this are almost incalculable. Because you’re not waiting for the drive to fetch the data your whole system is exactly as responsive as it can be, and games load faster. All things that help squeeze the most you can from the choice selection of parts.

If you’ve been eyeing the world of PC Gaming and all its affordable games via Steam or Epic sales but have been reluctant to jump on board then the PCSpecialist Quartz Spark is the perfect entry point. It’s as fast as you need it to be, and as affordable as you could ever hope. For £899 you cannot go wrong you can find the system here on the PC Specialist Website.

PCSpecialist Quartz Spark Review  

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