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Power Supplies

Power Supplies – Cooler Master are pushing the PSU industry forward in all directions

Cooler Master have achieved what we though was impossible. They have created a passive power supply that can deliver over 1000 watts of power. Meet the X Silent Edge, a new series of ATX 3.1/PCIe 5.1 power supplies that will ship in 850W and 1100W variants.

These PSUs are passive, which means that they do not feature a fan for cooling. This power supply is completely silent, and powerful enough to fuel even high-end gaming systems. Well done Cooler Master

Silent X Max

With the Silent X series, Cooler Master wanted to push things a little further. With the X Silent Max, Cooler Master can push 1300 watts of power with minimal fan noise. Cooler Master says that this PSU can keep its noise levels below 20 dB, making it near silent. Good luck keeping a room quiet enough to make this PC audible.

X Mighty 2800W

2800W? Who needs that? Cooler Master has created this flagship-level X Mighty power supply for the AI PC era. This PSU can fuel four RTX 4090 GPUs and either two EPYC or XEON CPUs simultaneously. These power supplies are for crazy powerful workstations and server, people who will have outlets that can handle this level of power draw.

Smaller X Mighty PSUs will also be available, such as a 2000W model.

V Platinum V2

Cooler Master has revealed a 2.0 version of their V Platinum series of power supplies. This new ATX3.1/PCIe 5.1 PSU sports two 12V-2×6 power connectors and can deliver users up to 1600 watts of power. That’s enough to power two 600W GPUs with 400 watts to spare.

Below we can see many of Cooler Master’s other PSUs, many of which we have already reviewed. New to Cooler Master’s PSU lineup at some new white PSU models. Below we can see some white GX III series power supplues, a 1050W model and an 850W model. We can also see a white SFX PSU.

SFX Gold White Edition

Cooler Master have created a new white version of their SFX Gold 1100W power supply. This is great news for anyone who wants to build a white SFX PC, as this PSU has both white casing and white PSU cables.

As you can see, this PSU is a 1100W model. That’s a crazy amount of power for a small form factor PC. To our knowledge, nobody has a PSU that can deliver this many watts within the SFX form factor.

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