Cooler Master Booth Tour at CES 2024

Custom PCs, custom cases, and simulator setups

Custom systems, cool cases, and Sim setups

Recent years have seen Cooler Master invest in some pretty crazy products. At CES 2024 Cooler Master has revealed a new “Sneaker X Bounce” system that will be releasing in limited quantities. Only 100o of these PCs will be built, giving their buyers incredibly powerful systems that are as much a work of art as they are usable PCs.

In person this custom PC looks phenomenal, and below you can see a little bit of the hardware underneath. We can see some RGB DDR5 memory and an AIO liquid Cooler. We can also see that the ears of tis bunny-themed PC are usable speakers.

X Shark!

Cooler Master has previously showcased the X Shark, but this is the first time that we have seen it in person. This system is more sculpture than PC, and it is and incredible feat of PC design. While I wouldn’t want to try and upgrade this system, I am glad that crazy PCs like this exist.

Sneaker X

Below is the latest version of Cooler Master’s Sneaker X system, complete with an Intel 14th generation CPU and an RTX 40 series graphics card. This is a PC case that features support for standard PC hardware, which means that this PC can be upgraded with relative ease. Don’t worry, your Sneaker X can be upgraded with all of the next-gen PC hardware goodies when the time comes.

Cooler Master’s Sneaker X PC is a centrepiece system. It is bold, chunky, and well crafted. Yes, it isn’t for everyone, but that’s the point. This case is for users who want something unique, and this is certainly unique.

Street Fighter branded PC cases

At CES Cooler Master have show us two Street Fighter branded PC cases. Both of these cases are TB500 series cases, and the celebrate the recent release of Street Fighter 6 on PC and consoles.

Below we can see the Chun-Li version of this PC case.

Cooler Master has confirmed that they have more Street Fighter cases in the works. We are also likely to see other branded PC cases in the future.

Below we also have the TD500 SF6 Ryu Edition, which features an aesthetic that contrasts the Chun-Li edition. Where Chun-Li was blue, the Ryo Edition is red. While both cases feature white panels, these two cases cannot be more different.

It will be interesting to see what Cooler Master do in the future with these branded PC cases. What games would you like to see get this kind of treatment?

Cooler Master’s DYN X Racing Sims

As an avid fan of sim racing, Cooler Master’s DYN X simulators were always going to be of great interest to us. If he didn’t have other arrangements, our beloved TTL would have sat here all day trying to get around Silverstone a few seconds faster. Alas, we had other things to do.

Below we have two high-end systems that are set up with Dyn X simulators that are set up for racing sims and flight sims respectively. Both of these PCs feature top of the line hardware and are connected to Cooler Master ultrawide monitors. Shame we didn’t have more time to enjoy these systems…

Cooler Master’s Dyn X systems  are a relatively new thing from Cooler Master. They are incredibly expensive, but they are also incredibly effective. If you want a high quality racing sim, Cooler Master’s Dyn X is a solid option.

Closing Thoughts

Cooler Master had a lot of show us at CES, and today we have only covered what we are allowed to talk about. They had even more stuff to show us in their secret NDA room. 2024 is going to be an exciting year for Cooler Master, and I look forward to testing their new hardware as it arrives with us.

You can join the discussion on our tour of Cooler Master’s booth at CES 2024.

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